Films I've produced

JAMMED was the first feature I produced. Directed by Yedidya Gorsetman and written by Mark Leidner, it was filmed in 9 days on location in Pennsylvania. The story follows a couple who spend a weekend at a music festival. It premiered at the Montclair Film Festival, and went on to screen and win awards at multiple festivals around the country. The film is currently available on its website and other VOD platforms.


EMPATHY INC is a black and white sci-fi thriller directed by Yedidya Gorsetman and written by Mark Leidner. It was filmed over 6 weeks in NYC during the winter of 2017. The story follows a young V.C. who realizes that something is horribly wrong with the VR startup he's invested in. The film premiered @ the 2018 Cinepocalypse Film Festival, and is currently screening at festivals. Check out the trailer.

SWEET PARENTS was produced by myself, Matthew Smaglik, and Stephanie Marin in NYC during the fall of 2015. Directed by David Bly, it follows the story of two artists living in New York, who with the help of older benefactors, try to navigate their way to success, while attempting to keep their relationship from falling apart. The film premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival in 2017 where it received an award, and is currently screening at festivals.

SameBoat for website.png

SAME BOAT is a melancholic comedy directed by Chris Roberti and co-written by the both of us. It was filmed in secret on a cruise ship during the spring of 2017 in Florida and Mexico. During post production it went through The Edit Center. It will be premiering @ Cinequest in March of 2019. Check out the teaser.

Select Festival Screenings:

  • Austin Film Festival

  • Philadelphia International Film Festival

  • Cinequest Film Festival

  • Brooklyn Film Festival

  • Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal

  • Montclair Film Festival

  • Cinepocalypse Film Festival

  • Lower East Side Film Festival